Collecting Data Fast

With The Right Interface, Collecting The Data You’re Most Interested In, Is As Simple As 1,2,3!

There are two phases to maintaining a system that is capable of managing your information.  The first is without data, no report in the world can be useful.  In this article we’re going to be discussing this phase and how important it is to being able to have what you need when you need it.

Firstly, if I gave you a single page with 100 different fields that may or may not need to be filled out depending on the customer you’re speaking with, I could claim that you can collect all the information you need (which is true), but I’ve given you this ability in a way that is not very useful.  Scrolling through all that information and trying to remember what pieces you need and which you do not will quickly become cumbersome at best.

Secondly, if I broke these pieces of information down into logical groups, but didn’t give you a way to organize it properly, you would quickly become tired of entering data that you can never get back to in order to use.  This causes users of the system to stop wasting time entering information that is not later provided back to them.

Its both of these situations that we fight here at nizeX, Inc. in order to provide the cleanest input screens and the most organized review screens.  Reports are great, but who wants to go run reports while they’re on the phone speaking with a customer and needing to review  the history on their account?  This is why with Lizzy, clicking to log a call, actually logs a call and organizes it at the very start to be easily reviewed, linked, scheduled and eventually closed.  Even our opportunities are linked to these correspondence logs in order to log and track them.  All of these things combined are what makes Lizzy one of the fastest CRM systems on the market.

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