Generating Reports in Lizzy

Lizzy provides immediate visability into all departments of your business. Having the ability to run over 100 real-time reports gives great benefits to your management, employees, time, and business. Since Lizzy is completely integrated, there is no need to enter information to generate a report. You simply choose what type of report you would like to see. You can even customize Lizzy to remember your most used reports as favorites, just a click away.

 Sales Team Reports

  • Track Productivity such as calls & emailsmasterreportsmenu
  • Compare sales reps to self or others for encouragement
  • Keep track of commission pay
  • Look at customer history

Accounting Reports

  • Immediate visibility to financial performance
  • Balance profit & loss
  • General Ledger
  • Aging reports
  • Compare profits by day, week, or year

Serialized Unit Reports

  • Sales floor inventory
  • Inventory turnover
  • Track Your Rentals
  • Warranty claims