When starting our development work on Lizzy we had the same two choices most of our competitors had. To use developers here in the United States or to farm our software out to foreign sources in order to get it done much cheaper. In reality though, we’re American and felt that if we couldn’t develop the software with our own resources we didn’t need to be in the business. As a result, all of Lizzy’s internals are designed, engineered and written right here in the United States.

This might not seem a big deal at first, but having all of the developers in the same room, speaking the same language and working in similar time zones goes a long way to developing software that runs faster, is easier to use and is more integrated than anything else on the Internet today.

We pride ourselves in working hard and providing the absolute best experience possible utilizing the latest technology has to offer. Its why Lizzy works on all operating systems, all portable devices and even comes with specialized Android and iOS programs that run on the smaller devices.