Getting Started

You’ve seen the demo, you played around with our test system, you’ve decided Lizzy is the best CRM system on the market and you want to give it a go. Now What?

The first fact about life with Lizzy is there are no lengthy contracts to sign and you can divorce her at any time without a lot of fuss. This makes her and us have to work hard to make sure we keep your business and it also makes step 1 of the getting started guide pretty simple. Once you’ve filled out the short list of paperwork, we setup a distinct database that only your company will use. This step takes just a few minutes to complete.

Once the database is created, you will receive an email notifying you of how to login. After logging in and depending on the system you have purchased, the next step is to do some basic setup. Lizzy comes complete with all the default settings ready to go, but you should review them to make sure they are what you want to use, tweaking any settings along the way that you may want to change.

It is of course ok to start using the system as soon as you receive notice and then go back and modify things as you learn more about the system. From creating custom fields for Lizzy to track for you to telling her how you process inventory, it can all be modified or tweaked at any point.

There are also import processes to import contact lists as well as inventory and price lists. We also offer customer specific conversion tools that will allow you to import most of your relavant data before you get started. We also offer free support services with all of our packages to walk you through each step as well as integrated online training aids.

So while we can’t say its totally painless, we make every effort possible to make it as painless as possible.