There’s nothing like the stress of planning to change any business process and your CRM systems is no exception. With only a few cases, most CRM systems are basically the same and in fact copy each other quite a bit. We pride ourselves at nizeX, Inc. to have taken a different approach in a number of areas and sales is just another example.

Instead of trying to get you into a demo to show you how great our software is, we prefer to have a genuine conversation about what parts of Lizzy Can’t handle your business. This provides you a way to determine whether you can live without certain features, and us a way to identify new features that need to be added or tweaked.

A lot goes into the planning stages of a project like this and we take every step possible to make it as painless as possible. Allowing us to completely understand your goals, processes and needs goes a long way in making sure Lizzy meets your every need.

Contact us today for a free demo and to find out up front if Lizzy is the right product for you.