Lizzy will make running your trailer business easier than ever before. Since all modules from customer information to accounting and invoicing are integrated into one complete web-based system,  you no longer need to worry about changing screens or using other programs. Instead, you can save time and bring more profit to your business.

Since our developers built Lizzy to fit your needs, it allows you to boost your customer satisfaction and sales. Keeping your sales team motivated and giving them the tools they need to closely track customers is all part of our CRM module. The best part is there is only a small start-up fee. No contract to sign, no additional charge for tech support, plus your data is always yours to keep.

Trailer Sales Benefits:

  • Sales
    • Track customer leads & progress
    • Manage sales team
  • Invoicing
    • Integrated with inventory & accounting
    • Processes all form of payments
    • Handles F&I
  •  Repairs
    • Integrated with calendar
    • connected to invoicing & inventor
  •  Reports
    • Get a real time look at sales & productivity
    • Compare employees for encouragement
  • Advanced inventory control
  • Integrated accounting
  • Integrated Email
  • Rentals
  • No contract
  • No start-up fees

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