nizeX Rolls Out New Lizzy CRM Website

nizeX Rolls Out New Lizzy CRM Website

nizeX Rolls Out New Lizzy CRM Website

Here at nizeX, we use Lizzy’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system everyday to help better serve the needs of our customers and to help those relationships grow. Lizzy CRM has helped us keep up with our customers & their needs since we introduced it in 2009. The growing popularity of Lizzy CRM has given us an incentive to expand on that platform. Because of this success, we have decided to introduce a new CRM specific website that will focus solely on Lizzy CRM.

The new website is easy to navigate, so you can find relevant information about particular features you’re interested in. Whether you need information about email campaigns, customer surveys, or logging correspondence, everything you need to know about Lizzy CRM can be found in one place. will focus on all CRM related content such as contact page details, email and correspondence, and of course reporting features. Take a look at the Features page, which is broken up into four different sections – Contacts, Correspondence, Reports, and Activity Panel – that can help you better understand the various features within Lizzy CRM and how they can help you become more efficient in managing your customer database.

We are excited to introduce our new website for Lizzy CRM, and hope it will be of assistance to those of you who want to become more familiar with the program. By properly utilizing Lizzy CRM, you can improve not only your customer service, but your sales as well.

As nizeX expands our company mission, we’ll be branching out into new industries that will benefit from using Lizzy CRM. However, our main focus will remain the industries that have helped make Lizzy DMS such a success.

As I stated before, we use Lizzy CRM to run our entire business and our industry is sales and software. This is what sparked our interest in expanding into other industries. If Lizzy CRM works well for our company, maybe it can do the same for someone else’s. We’re not saying that the sales & software industries are the new industries we’re focusing on, but that is our reasoning behind wanting to expand.

We have decided to take on this new venture because we know that Lizzy CRM is a great product and believe that many other industries, not just the ones we currently service, need a better solution. With so many CRM products on the market, it can be hard to find the right solution that will fit your business needs. A lot of CRM solutions pride themselves on being inexpensive, but they lack quality, and the ones that are reasonably priced are just too complicated to use. Here at nizeX, we pride ourselves on producing a quality CRM system at a fair price.

As always, our goal is to help you create stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers for a lifetime. Check out the new website and see what Lizzy CRM can do for you!

-Hannah Gordon