Floor Planning / Refinancing Units in Lizzy

Floor Planning / Refinancing Units in Lizzy

In this article we will be covering how to floor plan major units in Lizzy. Now, first of all, in Lizzy the terms “Floor Planning” and “Refinancing” are used interchangeably. So anywhere in Lizzy you see the word “Refinance”, it means the same thing as “Floor Plan”.

The first part of this process starts when you place your initial order. On the first page of the PO, there is a checkbox labeled “Floor Planned”. You’ll want to check this box if you know at this point that these units will be floor planned (if you don’t know, you can edit the PO later and check it then).

Now, this does not actually floor plan the units. What it does is flag them to show up on the Floorplan Inventory Report, found under Reports->Serialized Units->Floorplan Inventory, where you can track all the units you have floor planned (where you can see what they are, when they are due, etc).

To move the units over to your floor plan after receiving them from your supplier, you are going to go to Accounting->Payables->Pay Payables. From there, you are going to select your supplier from the drop-down. A list of all your unpaid POs for that supplier will appear. Next, you must select “Major Unit” from the PO types listed at the top-left of the screen, or Lizzy will not make the refinancing option available. Note: you can refinance other PO types in Lizzy if needed. You would just need to select the PO type from the list.

Now, check the “Pay” box next to each unit you need to floor plan. Note that any “non-unit totals” (which are typically freight) listed here can be refinanced as well if you wish.

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the screen, select the “Refinance” option, choose the company you are floor planning the units with from the drop-down (they must be marked as a Finance Supplier in your list of contacts to show up here), and click “Submit”.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Automatic Floor Planning

If you have a supplier that every unit you receive from them is, without exception, always floor planned, and always floor planned with the same company, you can automate this process instead of doing it manually each time a PO from said supplier is received. To do this, look up the supplier in question in Contacts. Once you have them on the screen, click on the “Supplier” link located under “Contact Type”.

From there, near the top of the screen you will see “Auto-Refinance PO’s to selected Suppliers when PO’s are received”, with two drop-downs below that text; one for parts POs, and one for units. Select the company you wish them to be auto-refinanced to from the appropriate drop-down, and then close the window. From that point forward, all unit POs will be automatically refinanced to the designated company as soon as they are received.