Fleet Pricing in Lizzy

Fleet Pricing in Lizzy

Lizzy now has the ability to track fleet pricing on units, as well as apply the fleet priceĀ automatically for customers who are set up to receive fleet pricing.

First, you will need to set up a fleet price on each applicable model. Once you set up fleet pricing on one model, it will automatically show on all units for that model.

Fleet 1



You can also set up fleet-specific rebates the same way you set up a regular rebate, except you will also check the fleet rebate box on the rebate screen.

Fleet 2



Next, when you are ready to assign fleet pricing to a customer, look up that customer’s contact record. Click on the sales tab (the graph icon) and click on “Setup fleet options.”

Fleet 3


Fleet 4



You have a choice of whether you want to assign fleet pricing for an entire manufacturer line, or whether you want to narrow it down to a specific model. Be sure to set an expiration date. You can set multiple fleet programs, if needed.


Fleet 5


Once you have set up the fleet pricing for the customer, any major unit sales you create for that customer will automatically default to fleet pricing.