Update 10.25.2009

Update 10.25.2009

I guess I should first apologize for being so slack about my updates. We’ve been so busy, that taking the time to write a blog about how busy we were seemed a waste of time. However, I know for those of you that aren’t in here with us, you really have no idea what we’re doing, so I’ll try to force myself to visit more often.

Since my last post a lot has changed. Special orders are now done and are in testing. The major units section is coming along nicely and I think we’ll be working on the invoice and purchase order sections this week (related to units). Eric has fit in perfectly with the team and is as excited as the rest of us to get the system ready for prime time. He has also taken up the new processes and programming language requirements quickly, which has allowed us to get much more done than expected because we’re not having to spend much time teaching him. I’m very happy to have him on our team and am confident that the F&I solution is going to be great when we’re done.

I’ve been using Lizzy to run 100% of our operations here at Nizex, Inc., and SofTek has switched over to about 80% utilization. The main reason for holding off on SSI has been the fact that we’re too busy to worry about a conversion and decided to close our books out for the year in the old system. Next year we’ll be 100% using it as well.

The Invoicing, AR, Payables, Checking, Service and Inventory sections are all working perfectly and we’re just adding in more features as we get to them. This week we’ll be running her through the paces in another company that we hope to get online within the week.

If everything goes well, we’ll be adding labor to the service tickets this week and I’m hoping to have the credit card processes done with the next 2 weeks. The credit card stuff will be a work in progress as we continue to add more and more gateways to Lizzy’s™ list.

We’ve also added in a new Petroleum module to replace the old Petrolynk system that we have been selling to petroleum distributors for the past 5 or so years. The new processes and flow of information here will greatly enhance our ability to bring on more customers in that industry as well.

Eric and I have already begun discussing the new processes related to F&I and we’re both excited to get that done as quickly as possible. I’m also starting to plan demonstrations for those of you interested, so that you can start seeing the system and what is coming. The company that Pete and I are meeting with this week was completely against using the Internet to run their business, but after seeing a demonstration of the system last week, they’re ready to take the plunge. This was a very positive outcome given the fact that we never expected them to go all the way with the solution so quickly. After they saw how easy information moves between the different modules and how much time they were going to save, they decided to give it a try. I’ll continue to post on that progress as well.

Ok, I have to finish up the ability to pay sales tax on purchase orders so that we can show these functions this week so I’m getting back to work. I’ll try to do better going forward with my posts, even if it’s just to say hello.

Thanks for reading