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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
  • Address126 A Singley Rd. Jackson GA 30233
  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

Rumors of Problems

Ok, this post needs to be heard loud and clear by two groups of people: 1) our valued clients and 2) our competitors.  The reason for this post is to reassure BOTH groups that the highly motivated, team oriented, group of professionals that brought you The Business Assistant (TBA) IS in fact still here for both of you; to provide and support a superior business system solution to our valued clients and to continue to raise the bar that our competitors strive to attain.  Have there been some changes within our organization? Absolutely! We are a leaner, meaner, and more efficient company.  We saw the need for change and addressed those changes swiftly, aggressively, without remorse and are VERY happy with the results.  Group 1 (our valued clients) have seen, and have approved of, the change.  Group 2 has seen this change as an opportunity to promote themselves.  We have chosen to NOT engage our competitors in this type of sales banter.  We have chosen to stay the course by providing superior support and solutions.  So, to our valued clients, PLEASE brush aside the rumors currently being spread and rest assured we are here for you.  And, do not just rest assured that we are here for you, but join us in our excitement in the upcoming release of Lizzy™!  If you have any questions or concerns (and this goes for both groups) PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL!  Please read on for a detailed description of our changes.

SofTek Software has been in business for 15 years now and is going through its paces just like any other day.  It is still making changes to TBA and is still selling software.  If  left to its own vices, SSI would continue to be a market leader in dealer management systems in the couple industries in which it provides solutions.  The problem however is that we have created some confusion as to the direction of the solutions we provide.  SofTek has devoted some of its resources towards a new product that isn’t just a new release of  TBA but a totally new product built from the ground up with the latest technologies that will one day replace TBA.  It has all the good things that TBA has and none of the bad.  We have listened to our clients over the years, kept notes on their complaints and wishes.  Lizzy™ is the culmination of all those efforts.  As it turns out our competitors are attempting to use that confusion to promote themselves by claiming we are going out of business. As you can see there is no truth in those rumors.

When I started SofTek back in 1994, I was the only company selling Windows software. My competitors (and there were many) always poked fun at me and continued to do their thing. Eventually they started to go out of business and we forged ahead. Some began to realize that they couldn’t continue to operate in DOS forever and started to move towards Windows themselves. Some, have only recently completed this project, and while they’ve been trying to catch up, we’ve been forging ahead. We’ve again pushed the envelope and are about to release the strongest, most complete package ever imagined for the Powersports and Lawn & Garden industries. Are we excited to show off this new product? You better believe it! And the above mentioned Group 1; yes they are too. We know this because we keep in constant contact with them. And Group 2? Well, apparently not so much.

So what do we have? Why are we so excited? Because we realized something a long time ago. That to be as strong as we wanted to be, and to provide the level of service we wanted to provide, we needed more. We needed to do more than just sell software in one industry, we needed to do more with research and development, we needed to expand operations and provide a system that was far easier to learn and operate than anything else on the market. Lizzy™ is just what we’ve always wished we had and more.

Lizzy™ has been designed to streamline and simplify every single process that exists within your dealership. She has been designed to eliminate any General Ledger balances getting out of sync. She’s been designed to eliminate inventory discrepancies and to walk each employee through each required step to insure information is collected and stored properly. However, we didn’t just want to write something better, we wanted the world. We realized that we needed to take care of our current customer base, but we also realized that to continue to provide the level of service our customers are used to, we needed to be able to get into other markets as well. We needed a system that could be quickly customized and supported for all sorts of tasks, and we needed a system that did everything, instead of one that had to integrate to 20 other companies to provide a complete solution.

This brings me to the creation of Nizex, Inc. and its relationship with SSI. With this new product, I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to separate the old processes from the new and to move into 2010 and beyond with a cleaner stronger company. After lots of back and forth we decided that to do what we wanted to do we would start a new company and have it compete with the old (at least to some degree). After all, if Lizzy™ is what we think it is, TBA shouldn’t be able to compete with it any better than our competition. So SSI continues along the path laid out years ago, and the new company will forge ahead like none other.

Here are just a few reasons that we’re so excited:

With Lizzy™ 2.0 you’ll be gaining access to an advanced and complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. This package is as complete as Microsoft’s CRM and Salesforce.com’s CRM platforms, except it also has something neither of them have ever had. It has a completely integrated business system tied into its every corner.

Lizzy™ has integrated modules such as Payroll that can be ran standalone for those only needing payroll services or can be tightly integrated into your existing environment to the point that she’ll even handle your time sheets and filling in your payroll automatically.

Lizzy’s™ all or nothing approach to data processing ensures that nothing will ever hit your GL unless everything that caused it also hits. No more wondering where that single side entry came from or how your inventory got out of whack.

Lizzy™ is multi-lingual out of the box, allowing industries that stretch across the globe to all share a standard set of code objects while being able to speak their own languages. She also deals with time zone processes so that a meeting scheduled on the East coast at 5pm will show up on a persons calendar in California for 2pm.

As mentioned, we realize where our customer base is, and aren’t focused on any other industries other than Lawn & Garden and Powersports. We may never move into another industry. The point is that we have a solution that can, and our loyal customers are going to be getting it for free. For all of you on regular maintenance plans with SSI, you’ll be able to switch over to Lizzy™ without a dime of extra expense. Of course, you’ll also have the ability to stay with SSI if that is your choice.

I could go on for hours about everything Lizzy™ is going to do for your business, but I think I’ll let you wait a bit longer to see for yourself. We appreciate all of you calling to let us know what is going on with our competitors trying to trick you into believing we’re going out of business and we hope that you all can see where we’re headed and that going out of business is the furthest thing from the truth. Next time you’re told this lie, ask them to provide names and numbers of all the dealers that have apparently left us, we’d like to know who they are as well…

Glenn Hancock
Nizex, Inc.