Nevada Sales Tax Demystified

Nevada Sales Tax Demystified

Actually, Nevada Sales Tax is one of the very simplest in the union.

Nevada has a State Tax (currently 6.85%) and SOME Counties have a local tax as well.

  • Notables:
    • Labor is NOT taxable
    • Freight/Shipping/Delivery Fees are NOT taxable
    • Dealer DOC Fees are NOT taxable

So, what IS taxable in Nevada?

  • Jobs: Shop Materials + EPA + Parts
  • Major Unit Sales:  Price + Attached Accessories – Trade Allowance (plus any carry out parts as well)
    • Note:  Major Units are taxed based on the tax rate where the customer lives.
  • Nevada also has a $1 per new tire sold Tire Disposal Fee


There you go; the “mystery” of Nevada Sales Tax removed.