Update on nizeX and Lizzy May 26, 2012

Update on nizeX and Lizzy May 26, 2012

Update on nizeX and Lizzy May 26, 2012

In this blog post I’m going to try to catch everyone up on where we are with Lizzy and what’s going on here at nizeX.

The first thing everyone should be well aware of next week is the release of a new website for nizeX.com. We’re expanding operations into the Customer Relationship Management arena and wanted to freshen things up a bit and provide a bit more content along the way. For those existing customers, the login button is still up there at the top right, so hopefully it won’t cause anyone any issues. For new customers to the site, there should be lots of information now to read and review. I’ll also be uploading more videos in the coming weeks to help evaluate the product and services.

Another change we’ve made is that we’re now hosting our videos on YouTube and you should now be able to watch them all from any device.  We’ve also removed all of the flash from the main website so that things operate more smoothly across all the different platforms.  In the coming months you’ll start to see more of the learning center converted over as well in an attempt to provide more detailed videos that are capable of running everywhere.  Remember, you can click the little gear box at the bottom and increase the quality of the videos to 720 or higher which will make things even better.  You can also click to expand the videos to full screen now, which should make watching them a bit better.

For Lizzy, we’ve been extremely busy in a few key areas that I’d like to catch everyone up on. The first is that we’ve been redesigning the way Lizzy talks to outside vendors and suppliers which in the near future will increase the ways in which we’re able to transfer data between different systems.  This has been a huge effort but hopefully will start to pay off with the ability to interface to more external webstores and other types of things in the near future.

Another big item we’ve been working on is specialized apps for the iPhone and the Android phone devices.  These apps are going to be more tightly integrated with the devices to offer calendar, email, reminders and other types of information sharing that just aren’t possible through the web browser itself.  At the moment we don’t have a release date on these products but they are coming along and should be available in the coming months for you to start playing with.

We’ve been increasing our capabilities on the CRM (Contacts) section of the application and making sure things are as easily handled as possible.  Some of the screens have been streamlined to provide one click access to their content instead of having to navigate through the entire wizard to get to things.  We’ve already received a lot of complements in these areas so hopefully most of you are digging the new look.

There are a ton of new features being worked on that should also start to see light in the near future and most are coming from our customers, which makes getting them done that much more important.  Lizzy started to become a force to recon with about 2 years ago and looking back now at what her capabilities were then compared to where we are today, its just amazing and exciting to consider what the future will look like.

We hope everyone has a great memorial day next weekend and as usual, we’ll see you on the other side.