What Types Of Businesses Could Benefit From CRM?

What Types Of Businesses Could Benefit From CRM?

What Types Of Businesses Could Benefit From CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s used to keep track of your customers.  A Good CRM system is more than just a phone book and will track everything from emails sent to and from each customer, opportunities to sell products, phone calls to and from and tickets.  With Lizzy CRM you also get integrated Calendars, Chat, FAQ’s and more, but in general, the basics should be covered.

So the question is, do you really need a CRM system in order to run your business?  You’ve been running your company for years without one, so why should you change?

To answer this question, lets start with a few different questions.

Have you ever talked to a customer and told them you’d call them back but later forgotten to do so?  Have you ever told a customer that you’d have someone else call them, but you forgot to tell them to make the call?  Or did you tell them and they forgot to follow through?  I think you get the point because no matter how organized you are, I’m sure this has happened at least once in your lifetime.  There are also many other situations that arrise with similar outcomes that we need to make sure we don’t forget to do.

With a Good CRM system, you should be able to treat it as another employee.  This is one of the reasons we named our product Lizzy, because we want you to think of it as an employee when you’re interacting with it.  So if it’s an employee, what should it be doing?  Imagine you have an employee that is responsible for following you and your employees around and making sure that you don’t forget to do anything.  As long as you tell her what you need to do, she will remind you and can keep up with your lists for you.  She’ll track how much time you worked on each task and report back to your manager or the owner of the company.

If you’re a one man show then she’ll show you how much time you’re spending on the different types of tasks you do during the day.  If you do hire someone to help, what would be best for them to do for you based on where you spend all your time?  There is a small commitment on your part though, you do have to learn to communicate with your CRM system in order to make sure it knows what needs to be done.  Just like a real employee you have to communicate in order for them to help out, and this means you need to change your day to day processes a bit to include that employee.  If you purchase a good CRM system it shouldn’t be that difficult to handle.

Depending on your needs, you can also use Lizzy’s PDM system to track tickets for your engineers and employees to get even greater detail on what is going on and how information flows through your business.

What customers are interested in what units, or what customers want to trade certain units in that you’d like to see if others are interested in, are all things Lizzy’s CRM system can do for you.  It’s wonderful to have employees that can remember everyones name and needs, but what happens when that person is out sick or quits?  You need to have standardized procedures in place that everyone uses in order to insure the company keeps servicing those customers no matter what happens.

So the question isn’t What Types of Businesses Could Benefit From CRM, but What Types Of Businesses Couldn’t Benefit From CRM.

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