The Importance Of Putting A Mechanic On An Invoice

The Importance Of Putting A Mechanic On An Invoice

When doing a service ticket there are a couple different things you need to understand about your mechanics and how you track them.  It’s important in any Dealership Management System to understand these differences because it could effect reports, accounting and the overall profitability of your shop if you don’t do things correctly.

1) The first thing to understand about Lizzy is that each job has an assigned mechanic that you associate with it.  This is not tracking how much time that mechanic actually worked on the job, only that they are scheduled to work on it at some point in the future.

2) The next thing to understand about a job is that if you are trying to get performance information out of the system, you need to be specific about how much time you bill the customers.  This means we don’t want use Flat Rate amounts, or if you do need to use them, let Lizzy back calculate it off a given labor rate in order to have actual times on each job.

3) Lastly, you need to understand that Step 7 of the wizard or the Service Tech Labor page, is the Internal Labor entry screen.  This is where you tell Lizzy how much time the mechanic actually worked no matter how much you billed to the customer.  This lets you see if your mechanics are actually making money for you or if you’re loosing money.  It also helps you to identify problem areas that might need more attention in order to improve efficiencies.

Understanding these simple concepts will go a long way towards you being able to get to information that you probably never had before.  Lizzy can then begin to help you to identify problem areas, profit areas and basically operate like any good Business Management System should.  But it all starts with you!

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