TBA Support

TBA Support

Despite rumors to the contrary, support for TBA is not scheduled to end on 12/31/2012.

While it is our goal to convert all existing TBA customers to the Lizzy Business Management System ( BMS ), this process needs to be done properly in order for it to be successful for all involved.

Converting to Lizzy is the ultimate goal and needs to be considered sooner rather than later, but The Business Assistant (TBA) has been the staple of our company for too many years to just throw it out and we still have hundreds of dealers that still operate their businesses on it. ¬†Most of our staff is still very skilled in the operation of TBA and that won’t be changing any time soon either.

However, you should consider that at some point we will have to stop supporting TBA and you should be making plans to move to the newer and much more capable Lizzy BMS system.

Schedule a demo today with our sales staff to check out the new system and you’ll see why it has become the most popular and capable Dealership Management System on the market in multiple industries. ¬†Powersports, Automotive and Lawn & Garden are just the beginning.

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