Printing Employee Time Sheets

Printing Employee Time Sheets

Many times customers have called in and said that they have added a new employee to Lizzy DMS Payroll, the employee can clock in and out but they can’t see the employee in their payroll list to print their time sheets.  To understand the reason behind this problem we first have to consider what Lizzy is actually showing us.

First consider a large company with multiple departments.  These departments are broken into groups with managers and subordinates and sometimes you have a single manager managing multiple departments.  Generally these managers are the ones needing to print time sheets in order to verify their correctness and then are responsible for turning them into their managers for final review and pay.  So when we go to view the time sheet print dialog we have to understand that it’s showing us the employees that we are responsible for managing, or if we are the employee it will show us only our time sheets.

Knowing this now allows us to at least identify the problem.  The employee we have added to the system is in fact setup and can in fact login and get paid.  However, they are not in our department and we therefore can’t see them to print their time sheet.

Now that we know the problem, how do we fix the problem so that the Lizzy DMS system allows us to see the employee we’re after?

Moving to Settings -> General -> Departments allows us to identify the different departments in our company, who the managers are for those departments and what employees are under those managers.  If you have a single person responsible for printing everyones time sheets then just put all employees under their department and problem solved.

Once you have corrected the departments you should now be able to see each employee and print their time sheets at will.




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