Lizzy Training Class Schedule

Lizzy Training Class Schedule

Lizzy Training Class Schedule

nizeX will continue to host specialized training classes at our offices in McDonough, GA in 2013.  The first class is scheduled for January 7.  Over the last couple of years, we’ve conducted training that covered the entire range of features in the Lizzy BMS/CRM system. The training always resulted in nothing but positive feedback from all who attended.

The longer format classes present a bit of a challenge in that it requires much more planning and coordination to setup, to schedule and to deconflict everyone’s busy calendars.  People that want to attend can’t, because of scheduling conflicts or they can’t afford to be gone for 3-4 days to come to a training class.  Another issue is who to send to the classes since not everyone benefits from knowing the entire system.

With the new format, we will be conducting one day classes specific to certain departments and certain features of the program.  The classes will be held in our office classroom in McDonough thus eliminating the need to schedule an offsite conference room.  There are numerous hotels in the area so you’ll have many options available as to where to stay.  The classes will all be held on Monday’s since many of you are closed on Mondays. This should make your attending the training a bit easier.

We plan to host a class every Monday for the time being until we can see what type of response we get. In time, we may adjust the schedule based on your feedback and attendance figures.  Below is the schedule for the first series of classes in the new year.

Jan 7th 2013: Parts Department –  This class will cover everything related to running a profitable parts department and how to keep track of the information as it flows through.  We will be covering everything from setting up and creating invoices, ordering and receiving parts, working with min/max, supersessions, aliases, cross reference and more.  We will also review what reports should be viewed on a daily bases and advanced inventory management processes that are built into the Lizzy Dealership Management Software.

Jan 14th 2013: Service Department – This class will cover everything from setting up mechanics, working with parts lookup programs, creating service tickets, scheduling work, managing customers units and much more.  We’ll also be getting into how to keep track of special orders, working with the parts department and other aspects of using Lizzy in that type of an environment.

Jan 21st 2013: Accounting – In this class we will be covering everything from the basics of the general ledger to setting up and doing payroll within the Lizzy Business Management System.  This class will also cover topics such as budgeting, checking, paying bills, expense reports as well as AP and AR.

Jan 28th 2013: Sales and CRM – This class will focus on managing a sales department from email to phone calls.  We’ll be focusing on Major Unit sales, tracking interested units as well as managing opportunities within the sales environment.

Feb 4th 2013: Managing The Business – In this class we’ll be focused on the management aspect of running a successful business.  We will be discussing everything from the importance of a successful website to what reports to run in order to keep a handle on what is going on and whether everyone is doing their jobs properly.  You’ll leave this class with a lot of valuable information about the overall health of your business and how to keep up with all the data.

Over the years we’ve looked into numerous ways to keep you guys trained and we really think this is going to be the answer.  Each class will be $250 per person to attend. To get you started, we’ve mailed out free coupons to each company that is currently running Lizzy .  We’re pretty certain that once you come to the first class you’ll see how far that $250 gets you and will want to come to more.

We’re trying to keep the classes to around 10 people per session to ensure that we can focus on the best education possible. Please schedule quickly to ensure your spot in the classes.  Contact your nizeX sales representative to schedule a seat in the class of your choice.

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