How Happy Does Lizzy Make nizeX Customers? Take a Look!

How Happy Does Lizzy Make nizeX Customers? Take a Look!

You might think all business systems–and the companies who make them–are the same. Or perhaps you think that there’s just no way that a dealer management system (DMS) or enterprise resource planning system (ERP) could really provide a measurable difference in a business. While all of us on the nizeX team are understandably biased in favor of Lizzy, our customers know that Lizzy truly does make a difference in the businesses who use her.

On a recent visit to one of our customers, Power Mower Sales Corp, nizeX president Glenn Hancock had the chance to interview Gus, their Internet Operations Manager. Gus enthusiastically described the great changes Lizzy has brought to their business after just 4 months of using Lizzy.

1) Ease of Communication — Since everything is linked to a customer’s record, the staff doesn’t have to communicate with each other in order to find the status of a customer’s order. Buyers see new orders automatically when a special order is placed. Gus says: “It (Lizzy) gives us that very seamless way of communicating without having to communicate, because everything is in the system.”

2) Improved Customer Service— Because Lizzy shows the status of each special order, the staff can call a customer proactively when a part is on back order, improving customer satisfaction.

3) Improved Webstore Integration — The process to import webstore orders is simple. Lizzy automatically flags orders when there is a possible issue, and special requests like overnight shipping are marked so that those orders will be seen and shipped right away. Lizzy has also made them more efficient in shipping orders. Gus stated, “It allows us to take 300 orders and within 30 minutes, you’re done.”  The issue of shipping incorrect parts has been resolved as well, thanks to Lizzy’s ability to flag an incorrect part that is scanned for a webstore invoice.

4) Service — Lizzy tracks how long each unit has been there for service, whether all the parts are available, and flags you when each job is ready to be worked. With the scheduling module, service can easily be scheduled for techs of varying skill levels, and there’s no need to guess whether you have time to complete a job the same day the customer needs it done.

5) Ease of Training New People — Gus says that new employees can be working successfully in Lizzy after just an hour of training.

6) Improved Business Performance — The business has seen an improved ability to manage inventory and maintain proper stock levels. Their fill rate has risen from 60% to 90% since implementing Lizzy.

7) Decreased Business Costs —  There is no need to print web orders in order to pull stock, since Lizzy downloads the webstore orders rather than forcing you to print them. Gus says the business is saving money on paper, toners and printers because their need to print documents has been nearly eliminated. In addition, there is no need to file orders as Lizzy tracks each order by customer, so you can pull the order up in an instant when you need to refer to it.


In addition to telling how nizeX’s customer service and speed of system updates were far better than what they experienced with their previous provider, Gus explained that they believe their business will experience improved growth in the future thanks to Lizzy’s advanced features. “We’re not only getting what we need right now, but I believe we’re getting what we’re gonna need in the future.”

Take a look at Glenn’s interview with Gus of Power Mower Sales! We’d like to extend a big thank you to Gus and the entire Power Mower Sales Corp team for their time & willingness to share their thoughts on Lizzy.

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