Warranty Scenarios

Warranty Scenarios

Sometimes in the course of business, mistakes are made. It’s inevitable, but we need to know how to clean them up when they occur. Our Lizzy Service specialists have put together several common scenarios for you that happen with Warranty, and steps to solving them in Lizzy.

Problem 1:
The Warranty Claim was posted at zero and shouldn’t have been.

1) Refund the Invoice.
2) Post the Warranty claim at zero again to get the part back in stock.
3) Redo the Invoice, posting the Warranty Claim correctly.


Problem 2:
I did a Warranty Job for the customer and then found out the claim wasn’t covered.

A. If the amount that the customer will be paying is the same as what was submitted to the supplier, do the following:

1) Adjust the amount off the Supplier’s account using the nizeX Flush Account (199.99.999). Click on the wrenches to begin.

Adjusting AR


2) Locate the customer in Receivables, and then click on New Receivable and enter a New Customer Receivable.

Customer Receivable


3) Enter the customer’s balance and use the same account (199.99.999) as the adjustment.

Entering Balance


B. If the amount that the customer is paying is different from what the supplier was going to pay, then do the following:

1) Refund the Invoice.
2) Post the Warranty claim at the amount that was on the original claim.
3) In receivables, you will need to apply the two balances against each other.
4) Once posted, the part will be back in stock.
5) Redo the Invoice but don’t select Warranty. This will give you the amount the customer will owe you. You can then have them pay the open Service ticket or post it to AR.

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