Working with Roles in Lizzy

Working with Roles in Lizzy

Today’s post is going to include a link to a video that walks through the process of creating and using Roles within Lizzy. Roles are basically ways to tell Lizzy what users can and can’t do, but in a way that allows you to reuse them. For example, you really want to setup Roles as departments within your company that can do specific things. I’ll let the video explain it… Please note that the colors are a bit off and the screen capture was pretty tight so you notice some of the drop down menus not showing in the video completely, but other than that it should tell you everything you need to know about setting up roles within Lizzy.

Also note: All of these videos and more are available from within Lizzy by clicking the Train Me menu in the top right of the screen while on any page. The videos are specific to whatever page you’re on.

Working with Roles

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