Adding Images to an Email

Adding Images to an Email

This article is to discuss how to add an image directly to an email, rather than having to add it as an attachment. The problem I ran into, was that my image appeared invalid when I typed its location into the “Source” box. So I dug a little deeper into this issue and I’ve found a solution I’d like to share with you!

You first have to use a hosting site for your image, such as Photobucket or Flickr (for this scenario I used Photobucket). Once you’ve registered (which is free and fairly simple to do), you’ll upload your image(s) to the site. Upon uploading your image, they will generate a URL for you to put into the “Source” box. Using Photobucket I found that the “Direct” URL was the only one that worked.

If you’re not sure where to go to insert the URL, follow the steps below:

1. From the Lizzy “Home” screen, click “Email”
2. Click the “White Paper & Pencil Icon” to Compose an Email¬†email
3. Click the Image Icon to Insert/Edit your Image  imageimage
4. In the “Source” Box Paste the Image URL You’ve Copied from Photobucket or Flickr
5. In the “Image Description” Box Type A Name For Your Image
6. In the “Dimensions” Section, Leave the Boxes Blank and Uncheck the “Constrain Proportions” Box
7. Click “Ok” and Your Image Should Have Appeared!

You can edit the size of your image and move it by clicking on the image.