Lizzy™ CRM, PDM and The iPhone

Lizzy™ CRM, PDM and The iPhone

One of the coolest parts of Lizzy™ is her ability to operate flawlessly on the Apple iPhone.  Because the entire application was written with speed in mind, pretty much everything that works on your desktop works on the iPhone.  I say pretty much only because to use the iPhone, you have to make the compromise with the smaller screen, but all of your reports and processes that you’re use to running at work, will run just as well on the road.

If you’ve got access to a wireless card for your computer, Lizzy™ will also run very well across this platform as well.  As mentioned in other posts here, the systems CRM, PDM and other modules are all designed to download the absolute minimum amount of data in order to do their job.  Opening the first page after logging in is the only screen that will take a few moments to load, simply because of the fact that it’s having to open the calendar, dashboard, time clock and other related items.  Once they’re open however, they never get touched again.  Lizzy™ uses state of the art AJAX processes through 100% of her functions, allowing for the fastest, most Windows like interface on the market.

As an example, lets say that you login to Lizzy and she presents you with the dashboard and calendar. You then click CRM and start looking up a customer. After you find the customer you were looking for you log a call. You’ll notice that Lizzy updated your dashboard to show the call you’re logging, but she didn’t go get a new dashboard, she only adds information to the one you already have. When you finish logging the call she’ll update it again with the most current information.

Next time you go click CRM / Locate again it will run even faster as it had already downloaded the information from the first time you opened it and doesn’t need to waste your time retrieving it again. Lizzy™ is always trying to stay a step ahead of you in order to make your day to day operations as smooth as possible, and to provide you with that critical information you need as quickly as physically possible.

Come give Lizzy™ a try, click the Free 30 Day link at the top of the page and let us show you what we’re made of.