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Emailing invoices from Lizzy

There’s a number of ways that Lizzy allows you to email invoices to your customers. Below are some tips to help you better utilize this function within Lizzy.


Emailing Invoices Immediately After an Invoice is Processed:

Whenever a customer has at least one email on their contact record, you’ll see the option to email a receipt appear on the screen right after processing an invoice. If there is only one email on the contact record, you will see a button marked “Email Receipt to Customer.” Once you click this button, it will send a copy of the completed invoice directly to the email address on file.


Email Screenshot 1


For customers that have more than one address on file, when you click the “Email Receipt to Customer” button, it will open a window that allows you to select a specific email address to send the invoice to. When you click on the drop down area under “Select Recipient,” all the email addresses linked to that contact’s record will show up, allowing you to choose which email address you want to send the invoice to.

(Note: the box marked “Send From My Email Address [uncheck to send from email in company settings]” allows you to choose whether the email appears to come from the email linked to your Lizzy login, or from the company email address linked to that type of invoice in Settings.)


Email Screenshot 2


Email Screenshot 3


Emailing (or Printing) Copies of Invoices After the Sale

You can still print or email customers their invoices long after you’ve processed the sale. Simply locate the invoice you’d like to print or email (Invoicing > General Invoices > Locate Invoice) and select it using the magnifying glass. Once you’ve opened the processed invoice, there will be an “Email Receipt” link above the header of the invoice.


Email screenshot 4


The process for emailing invoices is the same whether it’s immediately after a sale or months afterward. If there is only one email address on the customer’s record, then clicking the “Email Receipt” link will send the invoice automatically. If there are multiple emails on the record, you will need to select the specific email address you’d like to send the invoice to.


Email screenshot 5


Printing: if you need to reprint an invoice instead of (or in addition to) emailing, simply select the Printer icon above the invoice header (under the “Call Customer” button).


Email screenshot 6


Choosing Contacts to Receive Emailed Invoices

You may have businesses that buy from you on a regular basis, and they need to ensure that the boss (or bookkeeper/accountant) receives a copy of each invoice after the sale. There’s an easy way to set this up so that you don’t have to select multiple email addresses each time you need to send a receipt.

Whoever is set as the Primary contact on the account will always be set to receive invoices by default. However, you can choose to add additional people to receive invoices whenever one is processed for their employer.

First, we’ll select the additional contact that we want to always receive copies of processed invoices. (Notice that in this example that the owner, Jack, is set as the primary contact. We won’t need to set up anything for him to receive copies of invoices automatically.) Click on the pencil beside the additional contact you need to change. In this case, we’re selecting Bob Smith.


Email screenshot 7

Once we click on the pencil beside Bob’s name, we’ll have the option to edit all of the information for his record. We’re concerned only with his email address, however, so click on the pencil next to his email address. (Note: if there were multiple emails for Bob, we’d want to be sure we’re choosing the correct one to email the invoices to.)


Email screenshot 8


Next click the checkbox marked “Invoices here.” Be SURE to click the Save button!


Email screenshot 9


Bob’s contact record now looks like this:


Email screenshot 10


Now each time we finalize an invoice for Bob’s company, instead of always choosing Bob’s name under the drop down list, we’ll pick the button marked “Send to Accounting Personnel Only.” This will send the invoice to the primary contact on the account, along with anyone else who is marked as “Invoices Here.”


Email screenshot 11