Lizzy™ 2.0 versus The Business Assistant (TBA) 9.2

Lizzy™ 2.0 versus The Business Assistant (TBA) 9.2

Lots of you have been asking for some examples of why Lizzy™ is so much better than TBA and why we’re so excited about finally being able to present it to the world. In this post I’m going to list a few examples that will hopefully present things in a new light.

First of all Lizzy™ is a web based solution and in fact the Only web based solution on the market. What this means is that there will be no software to install on your computers and you’ll be able to access your company data instantly from anywhere you like, even from your telephone or on the beach. You’ll also be able to run Lizzy™ from any computer and any operating system. You won’t have to have a server and will no longer have to upgrade software just to keep her running.

Lizzy™ has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. When we designed TBA we had no idea what it would grow into. We’ve taken the last 15 years of experience with working with TBA and designed Lizzy™ to eliminate those limitations and processes and to provide THE best business system on the market in any industry.

As an example: TBA has a customer module that helps you keep track of your customers in a basic way, what items they’ve purchased and what equipment they own. With Lizzy™ you get a full blow Customer Relationship Management system that not only makes TBA look tame, it makes other CRM systems on the market look lacking. Lizzy™ has been designed around our technical support and sales processes as well as those of our customers. You’ll no longer need to purchase add on systems to help you manage customer followups and help keep track of those advertising programs. Lizzy™ has all of that built right in. The really cool part is that every module within Lizzy™ integrates completely with all of the others.

You can purchase modules with Lizzy™ based on usage. If you only have 2 people working at the counter doing invoices then only purchase two copies of the invoice module. You have 1 person that deals with inventory? Well, just purchase one copy of that. Setting the system up like this allows you to save money by only purchasing what you need when you need it. You hire another person to help out during the summer? Just purchase a few extra modules during the summer and cancel them when you slow down. Like everything else we do, there are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time.

Lizzy™ is 100% transaction based which means that it will be very unlikely you ever have problems with your data becoming mixed up. With Lizzy™ it’s all or nothing. If you want to pay 5 invoices at once, you choose which to pay, enter payment details and select the pay button. Lizzy™ will step through each one taking care of payments, General Ledger, Inventory and anything else involved. If a single thing along the way fails, Lizzy™ will stop, back up and undo 100% of what she had done and place your database back at the very beginning. Allowing you to fix the problem and try again.

TBA can be difficult to learn due to all of the built in functionality. While Lizzy™ has basically the same functionality, she packages it a bit differently. With Lizzy™, we used wizards that customize themselves based on the process you’re involved in. For example, you want to create a new General Invoice to sell a few parts. When you click to create a new invoice, LIzzy™ asks you what type of invoice you’d like to work with. She then begins to prompt the user for information as they go instead of presenting a screen full of detail to fill out. Based on answers from a previous screen she might skip over other screens or ask questions that might have otherwise been missed.

TBA tracks a lot of information but providing that information to the user is sometimes difficult. With Lizzy™ you get a free customer portal that allows you to have your customers log directly into the system. Now they can review open tickets, check on service information and even order parts from you directly from the same system you use everyday. Of course their interface is much more limiting than yours because they can only review their data, but it does provide a much easier way for them to see if their equipment has been finished or even if you’ve started working on it yet, all without a single phone call.

While TBA offers a payroll module, its nothing compared to Lizzy’s™. With Lizzy™ you can have your users clock in when they arrive in the morning and can even tell Lizzy™ not to allow them to do anything until after they’ve done so. Then they clock out for lunch, back in and out at the end of the day. Lizzy™ keeps track of all of this time and builds their time sheets for them automatically. Scheduling vacation for a person will automatically show on the company calendar, and all of this information is automatically utilized by the payroll system. When checks are written, Lizzy™ deals with checking and automatically creates accounts payable for taxes due.

While I could go on for hours I think I should probably get back to work, so we’ll stop here. Come back again for more exciting news about Lizzy™ and the future of managing your business.