What about support?

What about support?

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple people ask a question that I wanted to put to bed once and for all. While we fully realize that other companies are going overseas for help with their support, we will NEVER be doing so. If there is one thing I absolutely despise, it’s a company taking my money here in the States and then making me talk to people in another country that could care less about my problems.

At Softek as well as at Nizex Inc. you have my word that we will NEVER GO OVERSEAS!!.

Our recent changes in support were made in order to get better organized and hopefully take care of customers in a more timely manner with more professional and correct answers. When I say quicker though, I don’t mean we answer the phone in 3.2 seconds, I mean that when we get on the phone with you that our professional support staff has read your request, understands it and is ready to help solve your issues.  So yes, it is different, but it was made in order to improve the overall experience, because, while answering the phone quickly is lovely, it results in bad information being shared, something we wish to eliminate.

To be sure you got it the first time, we are not going overseas and really are trying to provide a higher level of service than ever before. We realize there may be kinks here and there and please know we’re working hard to eliminate them once they are identified.

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting my Friday update later today.