Friday 8/28/2009 Update

Friday 8/28/2009 Update

Another week down and a good bit accomplished. We’re a little behind schedule due to a few TBA distractions as well as spending an extra day doing ACH/EFT transaction processes. We were hoping to knock out the ACH stuff pretty quickly on Monday but it ended up taking an extra couple of days to get it all done. In the end Lizzy™ now supports both receiving and paying using ACH transaction types so it worked out for the better. We also added the necessary processes to the deposit module to deal with these types of transactions just like others.

The special order processing has been added to the inventory object and is about 80% finished in the purchasing object. We spent a little time going through redesigning the flow and storage routines and in the end we’re pretty happy that we’re going to have a really nice and simple process for tracking special orders. We’re hoping to have it wrapped up the first few days of next week and get onto Units. As mentioned before, the Units getting done will mark the end of the major construction work with respect to the Phase I release, so we’re getting pretty excited.

I hope to start doing some videos of various parts of the application in the next few weeks so that we can start sharing it with everyone and I’m working up the details to have a webinar at some point that you’ll all be invited to participate in, where I’ll give an actual presentation of the product. I know there will be something that comes up to slow things down a bit but so far we’re sticking pretty close to the schedule.

Here are a few specific things that got done this week:
1) Added special order processing (80% complete)

2) Added ACH processing to payment method form as well as added necessary routines to allow paying purchase orders with ACH’s and added routines to the deposit module that actually generate the necessary file to upload to the bank. Payroll processing will also be using this same process once it’s finished.

3) We hired another developer this week to start working on finishing up Payroll and hope to have that ready for full testing within a few weeks.

4) Added a new Tax report to the invoice that will not only print out the taxes you owe but will also generate payables for each tax vendor when you elect to process the taxes.

Lots of little things got done along the way as well. Overall the entire project could not be going any better. Most of the developers have been involved in TBA development over the years and to see and hear their excitement when they’re working with Lizzy™ is, well, exciting.

Oh, and I’ve tweaked my video editing a bit and uploaded a few new videos to the Learn More page that should be a bit easier to view. They also scale and zoom in and out during the presentation to make it a bit easier to read the screen. Now I just need to pick through the other videos so that I can get them all operating the same.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.