Where are we headed?

Where are we headed?

One of the things I wanted to do was to take a few minutes to talk about where nizeX, Inc. is headed. What are our goals and when are we planning to reach them? Who exactly is Lizzy™ and what will she be like in another 6 months? To start with, nizeX, Inc. is headed to becoming the worlds first fully functional Web Based Business Solution on the market. We’ve competed with other Dealer Management Systems in a couple different markets for over 15 years now. We were the first company to produce and market a Windows based solution when all of our competitors were saying it couldn’t be done. We’ve built interfaces to companies that didn’t think they needed them, way ahead of anyone else. We’ve always been on the leading edge with a goal of bringing to our customers solutions that no one else had dreamed up yet. Today is no different!

With the creation of Lizzy™, nizeX, Inc. has set the stage for the next evolutionary step towards a better business system. We’ve not just written a new software package that can manage your business, we’ve done something far greater. We’ve created a software package that opens up more doors for your business and your organizational abilities than you can imagine. Yes, it’s true, we do Invoicing and Inventory control, just like our competitors, or is it? Do we really do it like everyone else? Let’s take a look at not only some of the differences, but why these differences open up a whole new world to your business that the others don’t understand yet. The first thing you’ll notice with Lizzy™, is that she requires no specific software installation to get started. This means you can access her from literally anywhere in the world from almost any device and at any time. Do you work on the road, from a trade show, from a customer’s office? You can access your business system from anywhere now.

So while it might appear true that in the end we’re all just creating invoices, the real question is, but what else can I do? In the current version of Lizzy™, she creates an invoice. In a very near version she’ll be able to allow your customers to generate their own invoices from their homes. They’ll be able to check on their service tickets and orders without bothering you. The most beautiful part of this is that because she’s web based, they will be accessing your live data, not a copy of information that has been transferred from one system to another. Because Lizzy™ is completely integrated, we don’t make copies of anything. If you’re in the CRM system and want to view invoices for a specific customer, you’re basically asking the Invoicing module to show you the data. We’ve also added a lot of extra processes to the system to allow Lizzy™ to better track your inventory, better maintain your General Ledger, Checking Accounts, Payroll and pretty much everything else. We’ve even added the ability for Lizzy™ to manage all of your emails, allowing you to access and respond to emails from anywhere, using Lizzy’s™ email system. This will not only allow you to keep track of all employees’ emails, it will automatically link those emails to their respective customers and maintain a history of correspondence in one location instead of on 20 different computer email packages scattered around your office and home.

We’ve also designed Lizzy™ with the idea of growth from the start. In the past, one of the problems we always had with our older system was how to integrate needed changes into the system without breaking the older processes. Lizzy™ has been designed from the ground up with expansion in mind. We’ve laid out every single piece in a way that can be expanded upon without breaking any of the underlying code. Everything has been created as separate objects that can basically grow as needs are discovered or future ideas come to mind. Our goal with Lizzy™ is simple. We want to provide a system that can literally run every aspect of your business, not just figuratively.

The list of bullet points on our main website at nizeX.com are not just ideas, but things we’ve started with. We’ve redesigned the entire user interface to create a system more easily learned and navigated with built in video tutors at every step of the way. Instead of trying to design a whole bunch of new processes into the system at the beginning, we decided that we’d just design the regular needed functions better than anyone could have thought possible. The exciting part however is not in what we’ve accomplished today, but what is coming next.

Now that we’re reaching the end of Phase I and II ahead of schedule, we’ve already started laying out plans for the next release with even more features. When we say we have a CRM system built into Lizzy™, this is not just to say we have CRM. Our true goal, and one we’ve already reached in many different areas, is to give companies like Microsoft and Salesforce.com a run for their money. With Lizzy™, we’ve designed a system that is going to make you ask, “why isn’t everyone else doing it this way”.
At nizeX, Inc. we’re very excited to be involved with Lizzy™ today, but the future is what has us and our customers looking forward to tomorrow…..and our competitiors hoping tomorrow never comes….