Lizzy’s™ New Education Center

Lizzy’s™ New Education Center

There have been lots of big things happening here at related to Lizzy and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the latest creation by the crew here at nizeX, that we’re pretty excited about. We’re about to be rolling out a new Education Center that both our new and old customers can take advantage of that will allow you to not only get training, but to keep track of how your employees are performing with respect to Lizzy™

Imagine a system that allows you to take a new hire, have him/her receive training before ever reporting to work, take tests and be evaluated as to whether they are a good fit within your organization, and to be efficient at their job before showing up for work the first day. Something that they can refresh their skills and learn while not at work or that would allow you to do initial training all at once for all departments instead of having to wait for a trainer to get to each person.

This new online video training center is just that. In its first form it breaks training down between departments so that employees don’t have to dig through tons of manual pages to find what they’re looking for. They login, go to their department and they are presented with only the training necessary to do their job related functions.

We’ve taken all of the things that have worked best for us over the years of training hundreds of businesses, to structure the new video learning system. Here are just a few things the new system brings to the table:

All videos are quickly updated to reflect the latest changes and processes within the application. No need to worry about trainers telling someone the wrong thing to do.

All departments can train simultaneously, allowing a much faster conversion process from an older system to Lizzy. We think this will reduce training to 1 week for the complete dealership instead of months using the older methods.

Evaluation processes for individual employees as they progress through the training with live feedback as how they’re doing. This allows them to identify quickly which videos they need to re-watch and get the most out of their training.

Our goal with this new learning system is to provide a learning experience on par with the system itself. I mean, why not provide the best learning experience for the absolute best system? So look for the new learning system rollout in the next few weeks and as usual, give us feed back so that we can continue to improve it going forward.

Lots of things are about to start happening so make sure to stay tuned!

–glenn hancock