Latest Release of Lizzy™

Latest Release of Lizzy™

Well, we finally got it done. The finance module has been working for some time now but wasn’t 100% complete. This latest release has added in all the missing features and placed the module in a complete state for the first time since its introduction. It’s a major step away from the standard operations provided in most of the other systems you will see on the market today. One of the contributing factors to this separation is the fact that Lizzy’s™ Finance module is actually part of the invoicing system instead of a separate module. This makes it much easier to learn, and actually brings departments within the dealership together instead of making them separate. So, if you need to include setup, LoJack or anything else that would normally require the creation of separate service tickets and processes, with Lizzy™ its all built in together. So the Service, Parts, Accessories, Sales, Clothing and other departments can all contribute to the deal at the same time and each get credit through the newly added departmental accounting system.

Speaking of Departmental Accounting: Instead of having a separate system that deals with Departmental processes, Lizzy’s™ are all part of the GL routines. This means that just like the GL requirements to balance before completion, the Departmental hits are also kept in line and integrated with everything else. So if there are any problems along the way that would cause something to go out of balance, Lizzy™ will report it to you ahead of time instead of you constantly wondering why your reports don’t match.

This release was so large in comparison to earlier releases that the version has now been moved to Now that the system has had its last major module completed, we are now free to start knocking out all the smaller cool stuff we’ve been dying to get to. Things are really going to start hopping now.

Lastly, the Lizzy™ Learning Center now contains 100% of the Administration and Service Department videos. I am now working through the Major Unit Sales and Finance Departments and hoping to knock out Accounting within the next few weeks. This system is going to greatly increase the level of our users abilities and we can’t wait for everyone to start using it. Another aspect that we’re excited about as well is the fact that new customers are going to have a much shorter learning curve when compared to other systems on the market. Release Notes

Stay tuned, as we’re just getting warmed up.

–glenn hancock