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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
  • Address126 A Singley Rd. Jackson GA 30233
  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

Lizzy’s Update Dec 2010

Getting Barcodes!
We apologize for taking so long on this particular issue but we’ve finally finished up the barcode label printing and reading in Lizzy. It took a little longer than we had hoped due to the different manor in which Lizzy communicates with printers, but in the end we’ve actually out done the way things were done in TBA. For those worried about your old labels, we’ve even figured out how to have her distinguish between the old and new, so that you won’t have to immediately run out and reprint everything.

The original Zebra printers that you purchased with TBA will also work just fine with the new processes. Another really nice feature with the new style labels is that they contain not only the part number in question but also the vendor and actual bin location the item was received into. So that when you scan an item at the counter Lizzy will be able to determine it came from up front instead of the back and adjust the inventory appropriately.

Master Model Numbers
Since Lizzy runs on the web and we manage all your data for you, we decided that it was crazy to have every dealership typing in the same model numbers over and over again. While it’s true that each of you will never enter a single model number more than once, it still required you to enter it that first time. Instead, in the next release of Lizzy, you will actually be able to take advantage of each others hard work. So that if any dealer anywhere in the world has entered a model number, you will be able to take advantage of it and visa versa.

We’re also hiring the staff to help out, so that when you do enter a model number, it will alert our internal staff so that they can look that model number up and add whatever additional information might be available for it such as year, engine info and so forth. The general idea being to allow less data entry and a more combined effort towards data collection, and all for free to our dealers.

Master Price System
This is actually something we’ve wanted to do for years but never had the means to do it. Price files come for free from most vendors and distributors but almost all of the business systems charge for these updates. We started the company wanting to provide them for free which is why Lizzy already has the ability to import those price files yourself, without having to pay a dime to us. However, we felt we could do better with Lizzy so we’ve now included in the next release, the ability to utilize a master price system where we import the price files for you and then give you access to the files. There are some needed requirements to gain access to them such as a valid dealer number for the vendor and such, but the overall process means instant access to price files with no importing of data and no constant updates needed. We update, and the entire thing is pushed out to all dealers instantly. Taking yet another task off your plate and doing it for free.

Enhanced Interface for Mobile Devices
Lizzy has had the ability to access 100% of her resources and processes on a mobile device, however, there were a few aspects that we didn’t really like the flow of. We have now enhanced the overall interface to allow it to more smoothly operate on these devices.

New Service Scheduler System
The next release of Lizzy is going to be sporting a new greatly enhanced service scheduling system where upon Mechanics vacation, doctor appointments, previously scheduled work and future scheduled items are all combined into a single, easily read and managed schedule. You even have the ability to classify mechanics and then have the schedule only show mechanics capable of doing certain types of work. Once a customer comes in, look them up on the schedule and create their entire service ticket with a single click.

Built in Service Scheduling Access
The same advanced service scheduler mentioned above can be accessed in-line now from within the job screen to allow the same level of detailed scheduling as you build up a job.

Enhanced Accounting Controls
We’ve changed the way you setup inventory items so that all accounting processes are driven off the manufacturer instead of each individual item number. This has made importing, using the master price system, and manual entry of items much more streamlined and eliminated the potential of having items in the system that don’t contain proper accounting mechanisms. It has also greatly enhanced the process an individual has to go through to add new items into the price list so that they have less to worry about.

Additional Industries Support
Previous versions of Lizzy had an Industries section in company settings where you could choose one or the other industry you work in, and it would cause the system to modify certain things like unit types and so forth that were available for use. The next version features a new master Industry and unit type process that allows you to select from a combination of industries and unit types that are now standardized across all dealerships. This provides more useful data both to you and your manufacturers for later retrieval and again, allows you to customize Lizzy so that she works just the way you need her to.

While this list is by no means complete, it should give you a brief over view of just a few of the new enhancements coming soon in the next version of Lizzy. We have tons more coming so stay tuned for what’s next that I’ll be posting in an upcoming entry.

–glenn hancock