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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
  • Address126 A Singley Rd. Jackson GA 30233
  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

Most Asked Questions for TBA to Lizzy Conversions

Instead of continuing to answer the same questions over and over again, I’ve decided to write a quick post here and will then continue to update it as new questions come in that I have not addressed. When you ask questions about the conversion process you will initially be pointed here and any questions not answered should then be forwarded to us so that they can be included.


The day has come for our customers to start using 100% of the application to run the business. We’ve all experimented with bits and pieces and found that it just doesn’t work. We wish for our customers to be the most organized and profitable dealerships in the industry and the only way we’re going to reach that goal is for all of us to put forth the effort to use all elements of Lizzy. This will help us to improve the system and will aid you in getting access to real time accurate data any time you want. Only using the Inventory and Invoicing and not paying the bills through the system needs to end and we need to all work towards using everything. We are here to help make that happen.

1) Will Lizzy Support my existing hardware?
Yes, Lizzy will support all existing hardware from cash drawers, scanners, credit card scanners, barcode label printers and so forth. Eventually we will also support finger print devices but at the moment that is the one piece that we are not supporting.

2) What are the hardware Requirements for Lizzy?
There are no hardware requirements. Lizzy will run on any system that supports a browser. This means it runs just fine on PC’s, Apple, Linux, Unix computers, Netbooks, Droid telephones and Droid Pads, iPhones, iPods, iPads and pretty much anything else that will run a browser. The only limitations that might exist is for example an iPhone doesn’t open a cash drawer automatically nor print to every type of printer. But Lizzy itself will operate just fine on any device or operating system.

3) What are the monthly costs?
Monthly costs are very simple to determine for existing TBA customers. Go to https://mylizzy.com/quote.php and enter the number of users you have in the box. Press the tab key and it will show you a number. Now divide this number in half and that is your monthly fee in most cases. You should contact us for an exact quote but this will give you a good idea. We no longer have to sell licenses in bulk sizes and can also change the number of users from month to month as they change. There is no contract to have to deal with so you can cancel or make changes as much as you need to in order to operate your business.

4) How do we pay our support?
In order to make our relationship as flexible as possible, we have changed from annual to monthly billing cycles. This enables us to keep a better handle on things and also allows us to make changes on the fly for you without any interruptions or complexities. It also eliminates large expenditures on your part as you just pay as you go.

5) What are the cancellation fees if we decide to leave?
There are no cancellation fees.

6) What happens to my data if we decide to cancel?
Your data will be sent to you on a CD for you to keep. We can reactivate it at any time if you decide to come back or need to get to any of the data later.

7) What price files do you support?
Lizzy has the same abilities that TBA had with respect to price file imports. So most every vendor you have that can send you a price file, Lizzy can import into the system. However, with a future version of Lizzy you will have access to a more easily used system where upon you subscribe to certain vendors and Lizzy will keep you up to date with their price files automatically. This is included for free with the system and we are adding new vendors every day. All that is required in most cases is a dealer number.

8 ) Will I have all my data when I convert from TBA to Lizzy?
We have created a conversion process that allows you to pick and choose the information you wish to move. What gets moved and what gets left behind is different in each case and is based on the value and state of the information currently stored in TBA. For example: If you have not been paying your payables off and have only been using it to order and receive parts, then bringing it over might be difficult or impossible. So, it totally depends on your usage level of TBA as to what can be brought over.

9) How long does the conversion take?
Our part of the conversion takes a few hours to complete and is run twice. Once as a test to show you what will come over and to allow you to do your part of a pre-conversion process. Once this is done the only hold up is getting you through training which can be done as quickly as you want to do it. Once you are done with training you will then let us know and we’ll convert you one last time to go live with the new system.

10) What about our old invoices, do they all come through?
At the moment your invoice history is not going to come through into Lizzy. However, we will very soon have the ability to import them and view the old history in-line within Lizzy. It will not be held in Lizzy’s database but will be a separate module allowing you to view old history in the browser without constantly having to switch to TBA.

11) What happens if my Internet goes down?
Lizzy has been designed to run on any speed Internet connection to include dial up, 3G or even the old Edge service on your cell phone will work. So while it is possible the Internet will go down at your business, its likely you can finish out that invoice or accept that credit card over your cell phone to operate while its down. There are a number of other backup methods available as well.

As mentioned above, I will continue to add more questions and answers to this entry as they come in so keep them coming.

–glenn hancock