05.11.2011 QuickNotes

05.11.2011 QuickNotes

Just wanted to send a quick note to point out a few features in Lizzy you guys might not be aware of.


If you go to Settings -> Invoicing -> Defaults and look about midway down, you’ll see an option just below EPA that reads “Combine All Jobs on Workorders”. If you check this box, instead of Lizzy printing out a separate work order for your mechanics per job on the service ticket, it will print a single work order and list each job on it. Special care will need to be taken in order to track time logged on each job for billing purposes but it drastically cuts down in the number of forms needing to be printed for those that break things down a lot.

If you have any ideas of things we can do to improve this printout let us know and we’ll get them added.


Do you know that in Service, you should be printing a copy of the invoice itself to have customer sign instead of the work order? You get the same disclaimer there, but a more summarized view of what needs to be done instead of having the customer see the actual work order the mechanic is going to be working from. To print this form just create the RO and then click “View Current Invoice” on left. Choose the print icon farthest up at the top of the page. This will give you a copy with signature line and disclaimer for the customer to sign.


I’m sure most of you have already noticed that we’ve renamed the Calendar menu “Home”. The reasoning behind this is that you now have access to many different dash boards. The Calendar is there as well so you still have access to the same features as before, but the dashboards give you access to lots of summary information that you may be interested in throughout the day. See Settings -> Security -> Role Setup and then at the bottom choose Home in the list. Then choose the dashboard you’d like to give someone access to in order to add it to their view. Choose the dashboards appropriate for the specfic people so that they can see the things important to them.

If there are other things you’d like to see that we don’t already show on the dashboards, please let us know and we’ll get them added in for you.

Well, thats it for today, I’m going to start trying to do more of these to keep everyone aware of what is going on with Lizzy and new things you can take advantage of that you might not be aware of. Hope you enjoyed and we’ll talk again soon.