Lizzy Gets New scanTag System

Lizzy Gets New scanTag System

Lizzy Gets New scanTag System

In case you missed our recent weekly webinar,  in which we demo’d the new scanTag feature in Lizzy that is used for Service Ticket Creation, in today’s blog, I’m going to describe just what scanTag is and how it is used within Lizzy.

scanTag is a new feature that was added to Lizzy about a month ago that allows a Service Tech or Manager to quickly create service tickets on the fly.  The general idea is to be able to scan a VIN or Barcode label and have Lizzy automatically locate the customer and unit, and create the service ticket for you with one click.  If this sounds interesting, wait until you see what it runs on!

Lizzy’s new scanTag system was designed to operate on an iPad, iPhone, Droid Phone or Droid Tablet, so the applications and what we plan to do with it are endless!  So here is the flow:

When a unit is sold or serviced, a small barcode label is attached and assigned to that unit.  This can be done directly from the service ticket you’re working on or the new unit purchase screen.  Once registered, Lizzy will be able to quickly identify the unit simply by scanning the tag.  These labels can be purchased directly from nizeX, Incorporated or can be any standard barcode label that is durable enough to last outdoors.


A customer arrives at your shop for service.  You pickup your iPad and Scanner and walk outside with them.  You select the New Service Ticket menu on your device and scan the barcode located on the unit.  Lizzy then identifies the unit and the customer, and presents you with a verification box that shows both.  You verify with a simply touch on the screen and Lizzy creates the service ticket for that customer, attaches the unit to it for service and places you on the Jobs screen to create the job that needs to be done.

It can’t be any easier than that.  No more search for customer records, trying to find the customers unit or anything in between.  One scan and you’re ready to go.  Another nice feature of Lizzy is the ability to run the complete package on the iPad. This enables you to continue collecting all of the necessary job requirements on the iPad or you can walk back inside and finish up the ticket on a computer there.

Lizzy, where imagination is your only limit.