What makes Lizzy better than other CRM Systems?

What makes Lizzy better than other CRM Systems?

Before I get started on some of the differences between Lizzy and other systems that are available on the market today, let me first explain the primary technology that goes into making Lizzy so fast at what she does. When we started laying out the overall system, we started with the knowledge that we wanted to have Lizzy utilize the latest available technology available through a web browser. This technology needed to include some percentage of AJAX, which is a fairly new way of obtaining information from a web server without having your computers download an entire webpage every time you click something.

To make Lizzy utilize AJAX however, proved quit difficult in the beginning because we didn’t only want to use AJAX, we wanted to take it to a level very seldom if ever seen before. We wanted Lizzy to be 100% AJAX, which meant menus, modules, searches, editing and saving should all utilize this technology. It took us almost 8 months to get the ground work laid out and eventually it proved to be the best spent 8 months in the entire process.

So while using other sites, you’ll notice entire page refreshes happening, Lizzy will never leave the index page. 100% of what you see is loaded when you need it, and nothing is ever loaded twice. So if you go to CRM and do a locate process, the necessary files to load a contact record are loaded into the browsers memory and are never again loaded. From that point forward everything runs locally except for the actual database queries that retrieve the data.

Another aspect of what makes Lizzy better than any of her competitors is that she has been designed with security and speed in mind first. She has also been designed by engineers and developers that have over 15 years experience in CRM and PDM management as well as extensive experience in the entire business life cycle. We’ve been developing business software for over 15 years and have taken that knowledge to the Internet browser, eliminating any software installs. You can run a fully operational system off your iPhone today.

We also keep up with the latest trends and fully realize Cloud computing is taking over, however, with a little research you will find that Cloud computing brings along a lot of distractions such as trying to keep things functioning between different modules. So we designed Lizzy to have all of her modules fully integrated and designed by our staff. Eliminating the need to TRY to keep your system up and running perfectly and making it happen for sure. Within the next few months we will be rolling out fully operational versions of Payroll, Invoicing, Inventory control, shipping and more. All completely integrated within themselves to insure a minimum amount of effort to use and zero effort to get working.

There are many other areas that I’d like to touch on but for now we’ll cut it short. I’ll write other articles soon about some of the other great things about Lizzy that all of our customers love.

Until then,

glenn hancock