How to set an Employee to login

How to set an Employee to login

The first thing to realize in Lizzy compared to other CRM systems is that an Employee is entered into the system the same way a customer is. The only difference is that they are tagged as an Employee instead of a contact which causes other options to be displayed along the way.

The first thing that will show up is a list of checkboxes asking you which lists you’d like this employee to show in. For example: do you want them to show in the salesman list, the support list and so on. Next you’ll enter their name and address and phone information as usual.

The next thing you’ll get to is the additional contacts section which allows you to enter other employees and owners that you might speak with at this particular company. This might be a little confusing at first but here is the overall idea:

Let’s say you have Company A that has 10 employees. These employees may from time to time call in or report problems with your product. Creating 10 different contact entries for this one company would be a pain, but you’d like for certain employees to actually be able to login to the companies record and see what is going on without having to call you all the time. You’d also like for each one to have their own login information so you can keep track of who is reporting what.

With Lizzy you create a single contact entry for the company and then add additional contact entries for each of that companies employees. If you have been awarded the rights to signal to Lizzy that you’d like for them to be able to login, then you’ll see a security level and an Allow Login checkbox that if checked will allow you to set that person up to login.

So step one on additional contacts is to click the small notebook to the left of the default users name to edit their record. This will fill in the edit fields below and allow you to make changes. Select the security level you wish to have them use, check the Allow login box and then click save. That’s it. Lizzy will setup the necessary login information and dispatch an email letting them know that they now have access to the system.

In the case of an employee, you follow the exact same steps, except this time they will have greater access rights. Having Lizzy function in this manor allows you to learn one process that works with everyone, instead of having to learn a bunch of different unrelated things to manage your business.

–glenn hancock