Rolling Out Android and iOS Specific Apps For Lizzy CRM

Rolling Out Android and iOS Specific Apps For Lizzy CRM

Rolling Out Android and iOS Specific Apps For Lizzy CRM

In the coming weeks you are going to start seeing a few new additions to Lizzy’s CRM system. While Lizzy runs just fine through the browsers on Android and iOS, there are some things we don’t like about using it there. The first is the screen sizes are so small that you find yourself having to scroll around the page quite a bit to get things done. The second is that since it does run inside a browser, you loose some of the local access to the phone such as alerts, call logging and more.

Having a native application that runs on the mobile platforms will provide us the ability to create more interactive apps and to provide our customers with more ways to tap into the true power of Lizzy CRM.

During the development process we’ve had the developers working tightly together between iOS and Android. So you should see very little difference in functionality or look and feel. We took this approach in order to minimize learning curves between the different platforms and make changing from one to the other as seamless as possible.

The initial versions of the applications will be limited to being able to locate customers, view their additional contacts and information, as well as logging phone calls. The phone call logger is actually integrated into the dialer where it starts and stops the calls based on you initializing and hanging up  the phone. You have the ability to create multiple topics, the same as you do in Lizzy, and you also have a new feature where you can create default notes to quickly enter things like “Catching up, Checking In…” without having to type anything. You can go back later and add the detailed notes to the call log or you can use the voice to text features of the phones, to dictate into the memo field and enter your notes that way.

Future versions of the applications will be adding a Service Module, PDM access as well as integrated alerts and calendar services built right into the phones. Eventually we will be adding a full invoicing module where you can actually sell products off your phone and more.

These applications will never become as feature rich as the full version of Lizzy, but we do have some exciting things coming to both platforms and hopefully those of you that download them can give us some valuable feedback to help make them even better.

If you are interested in helping us test either of the two platforms, give us a call at the number above and we’ll get you setup as a beta tester to help work out any last minute problems that might exist.  You’ll also be able to ask the developers for specific features we might have overlooked.


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