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  • Phone+1 678.359.4184
  • Address126 A Singley Rd. Jackson GA 30233
  • Open HoursSupport : Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM EST / Sat: 9 AM – 1 PM EST

The Best Dealership Management System

Before we get started, lets define just what a dealership management system is. A Dealership Management System, also known as a Business Management System, is responsible for everything you do within your dealership or business.   A good system literally tracks everything, but a lot of the systems for the Powersports Industry and Lawn & Garden Industry interface to 3rd party apps in order to provide some of the things you need to do.

Most of the systems on the market also interface to accounting programs like Quickbooks in order to provide accounting and they’ll interface to other CRM type systems in order to give you the ability to properly keep track of your customers.

Interfaces are a tough topic and while Lizzy also interfaces to a few minor systems, we try to provide all of the major processes built within the system itself.

So a proper Dealership Management System should be tracking your customers, your invoices, inventory control, accounting and everything in between.  In this article I’m going to cover some of the major aspects of Lizzy, and hopefully by the end of the article you’ll understand why Lizzy is the Best Dealership Management System on the market.

Lizzy’s credentials: (NOTE: All of the below features are provided with the full system. There are no extra modules you need to purchase and any exceptions will be noted below)

Invoicing – Lizzy handles invoices for Parts, Internet, Catalog, Rentals, Major Units, Major Unit Products, Purchasing products from customers, and Layaways.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management: Lizzy comes with a fully functional CRM system that is actually a leading product in the CRM industry.  Our CRM system has more features built into it than any other CRM system available today, and we’re not done yet.

Service: Service gets a built in scheduler that not only tracks scheduling units, but also displays mechanics vacations, doctor visits or anything else that has been added in through payroll, so that you always get the most complete view of who is available to work and when.  It also comes prebuilt with a future service schedule that allows you to schedule future events of customers bringing in units and displays both the already scheduled and future scheduled on one easy to read, color coded control to help with keeping track of what is going on.

Service also has the ability to request parts, schedule mechanics for work, tracking special orders and holding parts until the mechanic is ready to work on the unit. It has a built in system to help with triaging units, scan tags, multiple jobs per ticket, most functional job templates available in any system and a lot more.

Payables: Lizzy comes with a built in payable modules that not only tracks your needed orders but allows you to handle refinancing, moving parts, seasonal orders, expenses, payments, receiving and tracking major units and a lot more.

Shipping/Order Tracking: Lizzy comes with the ability to handle Internet orders where you need to ship products and tracks those parts, whether in stock or needing to be ordered, from the day the order comes in until the parts are shipped.  It integrates with Fedex, USPS and soon UPS to automatically print and track your shipping labels.  This is where we integrate currently with external 3rd party web-store’s like 3DCart and others.  However, in the near future we will be releasing a totally integrated web-store solution as well.

Accounting: Instead of relying on interfaces to export all our numbers into Quickbooks or Peachtree to have accounting done, Lizzy comes with a full featured double entry accounting system built right in.  And it actually works!  So no more having to learn two systems, hope your data comes across and trying to keep up with everything.  Lizzy keeps everything in one spot and easily allows you to review the GL hits for an invoice right there on the invoice if you want.

Accounts Receivables: Lizzy tracks all your customer AR’s plus Vendor Rebates, Holdbacks, Refunds and more.

Warranty Claims: Lizzy tracks your warranty claims and credits from beginning to end and even applies credits for warranty claims to AP items when you pay your bills.

Payroll: Lizzy comes complete with a fully functional payroll system that integrates not only with the service schedule but also with the calendar system and accounting system for requesting reimbursements and time off.

Inventory Control: Lizzy has an inventory system capable of tracking inventory between multiple bin locations as well as multiple physical locations, like a second dealership or a warehouse.  It also has an extra multi-store module that allows you to see and request parts from another physical dealership if you want (there is an extra fee for this module).  In these situations it manages the entire transaction from creating an invoice to request the parts, to a PO on the other side to make sure they get paid for.  The inventory system also comes with an automatic min/max feature that allows the system to automatically manage your min/maxes based on sales history, as well as an inventory management control that allows you to adjust min/maxes and place orders based on a number of parameters that you can set and control.

PartsStream Interface: We are currently the only dealership management system that integrates with the online version of  ARI’s Partsmart to provide parts lookup, right there inside the business system without having to install multiple DVD’s each month to keep things up to date and without having to leave the business system to find the items you’re looking for.

Email: Lizzy has a built in email client that not only can take the place of Outlook, but also makes sure that any incoming or outgoing emails that match a customers information are automatically linked up to their record so that anyone in the company can review them at will.

Calendar:  You get access to a fully functional calendar system for scheduling your meetings, call backs and more.  These calendars are all integrated so that anyone can review and schedule events on anyone else’s calendar and you can even create and manage team calendars.

Internet Based: Because Lizzy runs through web browsers you can access it from anywhere at any time you want.  There is No software to install and you can even get into it from your mobile phone.

Mobile Apps: We also have native apps for both iOS and Android that provides more integrated solutions for the phones.  These apps are geared more towards the CRM system than the full system though and access from the phones web browser is still required for some of the more advanced features.

There are many other modules available inside of Lizzy that we don’t have time to cover, but hopefully when comparing just these features to your current Dealership Management System, you can see why we and our customers think Lizzy Is The Best Dealership Management System available today.


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