The Sky is Clearing…

The Sky is Clearing…

For anyone keeping up with technology and where businesses are turning, the term cloud computing should be a fairly understood idea.  On the surface the ideas of Cloud Computing seem strong and ideal.  Instead of company A writing all of its processes internally and literally duplicating objects that all do the same thing, they borrow objects written by other companies to include in their own solution.  To make it a bit clearer, think about a tax object that someone writes that calculates sales tax in the United States.  All taxes are calculated the same way, so why should I write my own object when I can borrow yours?

As I said, on the surface this is a very strong argument, however, lets dig a bit deeper and see what we find.  Lets say we use that tax object and we borrow an invoicing object, a service object, a scheduling object and a CRM object and we try to build us up a solution without even writing a line of code.  Can we do it?  Well, sorta, maybe, not really.  You see, the guy that wrote the tax object really has no idea who will be using his object so he builds an interface that all can utilize in order to kick off his controls power.  The problem is, the invoicing guy needs to interface to this particular tax object or we’re going to be stuck with an invoicing object that can’t calculate taxes.  Or a service module that can’t interface to the invoices or work orders.

While it’s true that we can build up a system without the need of writing code from the ground up, its not really true that you can do this without the need to write any code at all.  In fact, the code that is required can be quite complex because we’re dealing with systems, processes and people in different parts of the world that most likely don’t think the same way.  These complexities have led to some of our larger competitors to create entire divisions just to manage these interfaces.  Can you imagine trying to keep Joe Hardy in Arizona talking to Miguel Francisco in Colombia so that both of their systems don’t clash? EVER!

Due to these and other problems encountered by companies as they move into the cloud, they’re starting to take a look at writing their own clouds.  Taking the processes seen with respect to Public Domain Clouds and trying to make it work for them internally.  While we here at view this as a much better overall solution to businesses needs, it’s the solution we started with from the ground up over 2 years ago.

With Lizzy, you are getting isolated modules all working together perfectly in order to supply a final business solution.  While we don’t hire programmers from all over the world and let them do whatever they want so that we can later try to integrate their code, we do have multiple developers working on isolated modules where we control the interfaces and insure they all work together perfectly from day one.  So there is no need for integration teams to come in and try to make everything work together later on.

–glenn hancock