Latest Release 5-6-2009

Latest Release 5-6-2009

Today released the latest version of Lizzy.  I’ve posted a link below that includes all of the release notes but here are a few highlights.

The CRM module has been enhanced to better support faxes, emails and calls.  You can now log a reply email directly from the View Correspondence page and have it connect to the original email.  When clicking on a phone number to dial that phone number, Lizzy will now start the log call process automatically for you.  She’ll do the same when clicking email links.

The PDM section has had a few related issues upgraded with respect to viewing contacts associated with tickets and being able to directly log correspondence to them from the PDM section.

We’ve added a new Petrol module that will handle the Petroleum industries credit card transactions with all the major brands and will automatically create AR items when imported.  This is an entirely new module but has been completely integrated with all the other modules within Lizzy in order to streamline information flow and storage.

We’ve added more reports to the AR section and General Ledger and are currently working on Payment processes for the AR.

We’ve added a new deposit module that should be completed in the next release within the month.

Things are going really well and we’re shooting for having a complete business system within the next month including: Invoicing, Inventory Control, AR, AP, Payroll, Checking and more.

Here is the link to the latest release notes

–glenn hancock