Welcome to Nizex.com, home of Lizzy

Welcome to Nizex.com, home of Lizzy

I wanted to take a brief second to welcome everyone to Nizex.com and explain what we’ll be using this blog for as well as list a few comments.

While nizex.com is relatively new as far as being sold, it’s actually been around since 2003.  We started the initial development of Nizex to aid us in tracking our customers issues and scheduling our developers work.  Eventually that led to a full blown Customer Relations Managment (CRM) system to go along with the Product Development Managment (PDM) system, and we have now added Payroll as well.  Each module is being added based on needs and requests so we highly recommend that you contact us if you’d like for Lizzy to be able to perform more duties.

What’s with the name?

We took the approach of naming the product Lizzy, not only to personalize it, but to also try to get our customers, as well as ourselves to view it as a person within our respective businesses.  After all, your software is performing duties just like the people you hire, and our hope is that through changing our viewpoints we can all participate in improving the usefulness of the product in a more team oriented way.

I’ll be using this blog to make entries as to where we are with different aspects of training Lizzy, as well as upcoming events you all may like to know about.  Just like changing your viewpoint of Lizzy, we also want to change your viewpoint of our relationship.  We don’t want you to view Nizex.com as a vendor, but rather as a member of your team that is here to help train your staff as well as Lizzy on the best methods for tracking and using the information Lizzy collects.

This is another reason that we’re not just selling the system off the website, but rather want to speak with each of you.  We want to be sure that we understand your business as well as you do so that we can be sure to give Lizzy the best possible training to help you run it.  Through an actual conversation we’re also better able to assure you that Lizzy can help instead of forcing you to spend hours of testing to find out whether she can or not.

Check back here for updated information as to what we’re up to and where we’re headed.

–glenn hancock

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