Utilizing Lizzy’s Timeclock

Utilizing Lizzy’s Timeclock

In this post I’m going to cover a few details about how Lizzy tracks time and reports on the stored data.

When setting up your company you can elect for Lizzy to force people to clock in on the time clock before they get started, or not to do so. The time clock on most templates displays at the top portion of the screen and allows a user to clock in with a single press of a button, and then to select the reason they are clocking out using a drop down list of events. These events include personal time, doctors, miscellaneous and more and are used to report on their time sheets when printed later on.

Holidays are setup and stored in the settings section of Lizzy and then display on the time sheets when those days become active. This information can then be easily copied from one year to the next and minor tweaks made to insure all holidays are correct. Lizzy manages holidays in this manor due to not all companies handling holidays the same as well as other countries that have different holidays altogether.

Once setup these days will display on time sheets and if a user works during a holiday the day will also be tagged as such so that payroll is handled properly. If you’re also using Lizzy’s built in payroll module then all of this information is taken into consideration when doing payroll.

–glenn hancock