What can a CRM Do for you?

What can a CRM Do for you?

In this blog entry I’m going to cover just a few things that our CRM system can do to help you manage your contacts. Instead of listing out a bunch of bullet points, I’m going to instead provide a few examples that you probably run into everyday.

1) A customer calls you for help. If you are using Lizzy you’ll be able to not only find the customer’s record quickly, start logging a call to cover the details of the conversation, but you’ll be able to quickly create multiple topic entries on the various aspects of the conversation, review past conversations as well as review and discuss any open or closed tickets that the customer has. All of this handled in a single conversation no matter who took those original calls or logged the original tickets. Management can then run various reports to see which customers call the most, how long each employee has been on the phone and what everyone is doing at any instant during the day.

2) A new customer calls in to discuss your product for possible purchase. You need to get the information to him and review his questions but you’re tied up at the moment. You tell him you’ll call him right back, but just as you pick the phone up, it rings and you have to put out another fire. With Lizzy, that original call back can be quickly scheduled and Lizzy can continue to remind you that you need to call them. So when things return to some form of normalcy, the call is still recorded for you to review and make.

3) Someone else in your company needs to schedule a call for you, but are not sure when you’ll be available. With Lizzy, they simply click your name on the calendar and review when you’re working and when you have an open slot. They schedule the call, you get an immediate alert through Lizzy and they move on. Because Lizzy helps manage everyones day, she can share information between employees to help manage everyones day and improve relations with your customers.

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–glenn hancock