What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

When we started out working on our CRM solution it was just named Nizex, the same name as the site and the company. Nizex got its name from orgaNIZE with that oh so popular X thrown on for good measure. Nizex.com has been around for over 5 years and was originally created in order to better manage our products and revisions for other software that we had designed and were continuously revising. This was the PDM portion of what we now call Lizzy PDM. We had already written numerous CRM systems, but they were all Windows based solutions and we wanted a No Software solution that we could run anywhere and everywhere.

After we got started, we realized that we wanted to take this thing to a whole new level. In order to compete with our larger competitors, we knew we needed to keep focused on our core goals but we wanted more. We wanted to give the product that personal edge that would get our customers to spend more time making it better. We wanted our developers and sales people to talk about it as if it were alive and to develop a personal relationship with it so that that relationship could then be presented to our customers.

Lizzy was born
One day we had a thought, if we wanted a personal relationship to grow between our users, our staff and our product, then why not give it a real name? Why not talk about “Her” instead of “It”? Why not train her instead of adding new features, pay her instead of leasing? After a while the concept took hold and now we all talk and refer to “Her” as if she is one of your employees and she will be.

While we fully recognize that Lizzy is a fairly new product, we think that if you take the time to look into her capabilities and features, you’ll be surprised at what you’re getting for the low monthly fees we charge. So while you’re shopping for your next CRM system, please compare feature to feature and we’re sure Lizzy will be at the top of your next hire list.

–glenn hancock