Shipping Processes

Shipping Processes

In Lizzy’s CRM module, you have the ability to create and track shipments. This process is meant for those only utilizing the CRM module and nothing more. For those actually needing a solution to track inventory and schedule orders, Lizzy has a new Inventory and Invoicing system that will be just what you need. In this article I’m going to explain a few things about how that process works inside Lizzy and what you can expect in a few months when it’s released.

The first thing about Lizzy’s shipment management processes is that she creates ship bins to store product in, while they’re waiting to be shipped. These bins are easy to create in the Settings / Shipment section, and once there, they work as follows:

A customer orders a product from you, either in your store or online. The invoice is created and orders are kicked off. A few may be in stock and a few may need to be ordered. Pick tickets are created for the pullers to retrieve the in-stock items in order to fill the order as quickly as possible. However, they need somewhere to put these items while you wait for the new order to come in with the remaining goods. To do this, Lizzy pulls bin #’s and you place those numbers on actual bins. Then when the remaining items come in, Lizzy will tell you where you should place them in order to complete the earlier order.

When the shipper comes in and asks what is out there to ship, Lizzy points them to the necessary bin to collect the items and then tells them where those items need to be shipped. Tracking information is inserted into Lizzy and updated information is immediately available in the customer’s portal to see what is going on. There really is no sending of information back and forth since all of these modules utilize the same data set and therefore know exactly what all the other modules know.

This is just one more example of how Lizzy’s level of integration alone, sets her apart from all of the other solutions out there. Try out the free 30 day trial to experience what a great solution feels like.

–glenn hancock