Want a little AJAX?

Want a little AJAX?

When you first open Lizzy’s CRM module, you’ll notice that nothing really happens. Then you click to open a menu, or a drop down calendar or an edit button and only small portions of the screen change and they do so rather quickly despite your internet connection speed. All of this is due to Lizzy being written with custom AJAX controls and processes that allow her to only request information she really needs.

This allows you to view and retrieve data more quickly than most any other solution on the Internet today. It took a while to get all of these features working the way we wanted, but in the end, we have one of the fastest solutions available and your experience will be like nothing you’ve ever had.

AJAX is really nothing more than a combination of protocols that allows a web developer to retrieve information from a web server a piece at the time instead of all at once. You’ll NEVER press the back button in Lizzy because on screens that she needs to remember such as logging a call, she’s already posted your data to the web server before you ask. So you’re free to jump back and forth throughout the application and then return again to the record or customer you were working on previously.

AJAX used correctly is a very powerful solution that enables a web solution to respond and act more like a native Windows, Linux or Mac OSX application. And the obvious benefit is that because it IS web based, you can run it on every known operating system natively without installing a single piece of software.

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