How to Implement Lizzy

How to Implement Lizzy

One of the best parts of Lizzy and her CRM, PDM, Payroll and all the other modules that make up her solution is the fact that there is no software to install. Lizzy runs through a browser and requires nothing on the computer. This means that you can run her on your iPhone, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. During development we had to standardize on a browser to simplify our development processes so we recommend Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers for the best overall performance.

You also have a few options to getting started. You can either select a Free Trial where we actually setup a company database for you and you go through and start setting up your personalized settings, or you can select to “Use Demo” which will allow you to use an existing test company that we have setup. The best part of the Use Demo part is that you can actually see and use all of the parts of the application in order to see if it’s something you want to use, without having to set anything up.

We offer Lizzy as an onsite solution where we install her on a box and send her to you. Of course this solution is a bit more expensive monthly and has a setup fee associated with it, but if you need your information onsite we can provide such a solution as well.

All of the Lizzy boxes call home each night to see if there are any updates that need to be applied. This minimizes efforts on maintaining the boxes and allows you to stay focused on your core business instead of constantly trying to keep up with the computers.

Because Lizzy is a hosted application, you also don’t need to worry with backups or computer problems with the servers. We manage all of this for you for the same low monthly fee. You also get support with our professional staff to aid you with any problems you have, or to discuss new enhancements you’d like to see added.

So choose the option you like, select the modules you need and get started today with the best CRM, PDM system on the market.