Atlanta Georgia and Nizex Customer Relations Management System

Atlanta Georgia and Nizex Customer Relations Management System

Nizex Inc. is located in the Atlanta Georgia area and services small medium and large companies for all their Customer Relations Management CRM and Product Data Management PDM processes.

Companies located in the local and surrounding Atlanta areas interested in having Nizex come to your offices in order to receive a hands on demo of the Lizzy application should contact us. With a live demo we’d be able to discuss the specific requirements you may have and determine whether Lizzy already satisfies those demands, or if she would require additional training.

All of our experience used to program and create Lizzy came from years of working directly with our customers in other industries. Specific industries in which we’ve developed solutions for include: Lawn and Garden, Power Sports, Automotive, Boating, Engineering Testing systems, Animal Hospital Testing systems, Major hardware vendors parts lookup systems and Petroleum industry credit card processing systems. None of our products were developed without the detailed participation of each of our customers. We recognize that we’re great programmers, but that our customers are great at their specific business. So instead of us telling you how to run your business we’ve setup an environment that allows you to tell us how to program.

We want Lizzy to be the answer to all your needs, not just a few of them. We’ve spent tremendous amounts of time making her perform every last possible task she can that will save you time and effort. We’ve taken that extra step to insure you’ll have no problem using her services to run your business and if we identify something that might be a problem, we sit down with you to figure out a solution and make it happen. You don’t waste your time trying to use something that you can’t and we don’t waste our time trying to keep your business when we should have never started. We want to be sure that all our customers are 100% happy before we sign them up.

That’s why you don’t sign up automatically through a website. We want to talk to you to discuss your business and insure we handle everything properly. So give us a call and lets get a live demo setup to see if we can be the answer to all your business needs.