Lizzy – CRM or Business Management System

Lizzy – CRM or Business Management System

Lizzy was created by Atlanta based Nizex Inc. and has been in use in a number of different companies for the past few years. The 1.0 version of Lizzy was started as a Product Data Management System (PDM) and was used for 5 years to manage the software design process for major software companies. Eventually the product broke off into its own and has quickly become much more than just a PDM system.

The logical next step was to add Customer Relations Management or CRM to the suite, and since we had already designed a similar Windows based application, we felt it was a good fit to take it to the web. This was accomplished about 2 years ago and has since replaced the Windows based system in the companies that ran it. However, the more we got attached to the speed and ease of entering and keeping track of our data, we quickly wanted more.

Our previous experience was actually in producing a complete business management software package for multiple industries. This application was and is huge, and performs all sorts of tasks. It’s currently number one in two different industries and we knew to take on a project like that within Lizzy was going to be a real challenge. We don’t shoot for second best and always strive to be the best all around company in whatever we do. So when we started laying out the ground work for the business side of Lizzy, we thought long and hard about every problem we faced with the old system and designed our way around them all.

We figured if we were going to write an Accounting System and an Inventory Management System that everything had to integrate with everything else completely, or we didn’t want to mess with it. After almost a year of tinkering with idea after idea, we finally started to see it start to take shape. Lizzy is the accumulation of years of thought and design all bound up into a single integrated package that we’re very proud of. Please don’t take the pride to mean we’ll get our feelings hurt if you don’t like it though. We love to hear negative thoughts because they’re the ones that get us motivated to make her better.

So to answer the question as to whether Lizzy is a CRM system or a complete business and accounting system, the short answer is both. Today Lizzy is a fully integrated PDM and CRM system, next month we plan to add payroll to that suite and shortly there after we plan to add the entire Invoicing, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Receivables, Checking, GL, COA, Petty Cash and more to the suite. All of the above mentioned items are mostly finished and are in testing now. We’re cleaning up the interfaces, adding bells and whistles and working through any last minute problems we might identify along the way. In the end, you’ll be delivered a complete business system from a single vendor that handles all of your issues in a one stop shop.

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