Issues with Saved Info? Clear Your Cache!

Issues with Saved Info? Clear Your Cache!

In our last blog post, we discussed how to add customer cards to Lizzy for future payments. However, even with a contact that has card data on file, you should never see card information displayed in the payment form before you have selected a card on file.

Despite the fact that Lizzy has been specifically designed not to save sensitive data, the browser you use to access Lizzy can save information for later use. A small number of Lizzy users have reported that on occasion while using Chrome, the payment screen of an invoice displays card data before ever adding payment information. Please note that if you are seeing information in a payment field before making a selection, you should NOT process the information already on the screen. Under no circumstances should you ever see card data before you’ve selected a card on file or before you’ve swiped a card. If this occurs, you need to clear your cache before you proceed with your transaction. Here are instructions for the 2 most commonly-used browsers.

Clear your cache/history in Google Chrome

Clear your cache/history in Mozilla Firefox

If you have noticed an issue with saved card data, we highly suggest you clear all saved information from your browser from as far back as possible. This has solved the few reported issues of saved card data appearing in Lizzy. However, if this does not solve your issue, please contact nizeX Support for additional assistance.